Two simple steps to harden your WordPress website

Is some unscrupulous person trying to hack your WordPress (WP) website by brute force – trying to guess your WP admin username and password maybe using an automated bot? If your answer is no then you probably aren’t monitoring their failed login attempts…it’s likely that brute force attacks are occurring on your site 24/7 and without […]



Finally! A Trash Can for Google Analytics

One of the major shortcomings of Google Analytics (GA) has always been the lack of data security. All that fantastic website and visitor data you’ve accrued over many years had the potential to just disappear…not through any malicious intent, just human error: a GA user with edit permissions accidentally or incorrectly deletes a view, property […]

Google to tighten its grip on remarketing ads

Love them or hate them, remarketing adverts have become a great addition to the marketer’s toolkit. Google Remarketing is one of the best known but other providers, most notably Twitter, have also got on the act with their own remarketing variants. If you’re not in “the trade”, you’ll recognise remarketing as the adverts that follow […]

google remarketing

CryptoLocker: Avoid the Malware Trojan

Reviewing and maintaining the security of your systems including your anti-virus protection should be high on the list of priorities of any company – large or small. Often though, it takes the news of a business struggling to cope with the impact of a particularly nasty bit of malware to really focus the mind. The […]

SEO vs PPC or More Powerful Combined?

SEO vs PPC is a question that is often raised by my clients. Depending on who you speak to, some people will entice you with the “dark art” of obtaining quality visitors through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Others will say that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in the right hands is like watching a skilled surgeon at work… Fortunately, […]



The Google AdWords Auction in Plain English

This is a great video and well worth the 9 mins of your time it’ll take to watch. It’s all about the Google AdWords Auction presented by Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist. I love it for its clarity: no acroynms, no abbreviations and no fluff. Just plain English on a whiteboard so that even non-techies […]

“Jar Jar Binks” PPC agencies sow FUD

Sometimes I come across SEO/PPC agencies that have turned completely to the dark side, while others have business practices that make them more like Jar Jar Binks from the later Star Wars films. You know: irritating and hard to understand. I often hear of Pay-Per-Click agencies approaching my clients using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) […]



Who “Owns” Your Google AdWords Account?

So who owns your Google AdWords account if you have an agency or consultant that manages it on your behalf? You or them? I’d never given this much thought until I spoke to someone looking to switch over the management of their AdWords account from their current agency. Their agency had been managing the account […]