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Email marketing should be an integral part of your digital strategy. It continues to be a powerful communications channel and one that allows your brand, products, services and messages to be delivered directly to the inbox of your customers and prospects.

In fact, no other type of digital campaign can grab a person’s attention quite like a well-crafted email; one that delivers real value with timely, informative and engaging, personalised content.

Quality content is at the heart of all our email marketing services. We know how to identify what content will resonate with your audience, how to create it, and how to deliver it effectively and beautifully via email – whatever device is used to read it.

We can also help you build your lists of opt-in emails and show you how effective split-testing and email automation can be to your sales and marketing pipeline.

In short, we offer best-practice email marketing services that we’ve refined over 20-years of delivering campaigns for our clients.

Contact us to see how our personalised email-marketing can help drive engagement with your audience, develop brand loyalty, and maximise leads and sales.

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Our Email Marketing Services offer...

Creativity, great content, solid deployment and our desire to offer you the best return on your investment



Insight & Planning

For successful email campaigns, you need to see the bigger picture. Who is your audience and what content do they need? What significant announcements are due that could influence your content-marketing schedule? And how can you best create and deliver content that will resonate?

We’re experts at finding answers to these questions so we can develop your messaging and a plan of action.


Beautiful & Engaging Emails

We’ll create beautiful emails with impactful imagery and engaging copy that’s perfect for your audience.

All our emails are responsive and look as good on a mobile as they do on a tablet or desktop PC.

Email Creation
Email Campaign Management


Campaign Management

Once we have the perfectly balanced and designed email, it’s time to ensure it arrives safely into the inbox of your audience. 

We have lots of experience with top-of-the-line email management systems including Campaign Monitor, Dot Digital and Klaviyo. These platforms offer high deliverability rates, spam testing and automation plus the key performance metrics you need to determine the success of your email campaigns.


In-Depth Analysis & Reporting

We’ll provide you with the detailed email engagement metrics you’d expect. But using our expertise in Google Analytics, we’ll delve far deeper than that: we’ll uncover what the email recipients do once they click-through and reach your website.

That additional insight includes reporting on website engagement and successful conversions such as lead forms or the checkout process through to a completed online purchase.

Email Reporting

Email marketing FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers about email marketing.

Email marketing is the practise of sending emails to lists of recipients – usually your prospects and/or your customers.

Its objectives can include promotion of your brand, products and services, or to engage frequently with your audience as part of your communications and sales strategy.

At a basic level, the success of an email campaign is measured by how recipients’ engage with its content. Typically, this includes metrics such as how many recipients opened the email (Open Rate), and how many of those that opened it, clicked on a link (Open to Click-Through Rate). Obviously, the percentage of recipients unsubscribing is also a key metric.

More advanced measurement metrics are related to how the recipients’ engage with your web content after they’ve clicked a link in the email. For example, web pages viewed (depth and time), purchases of your products or services, or if recipients provide more personal information in exchange for gated content that requires their registration.

There is no definitive ideal length, however, it’s best to only summarise the content in your email to keep its size small and scrolling to a minimum – especially for mobile.

The summary content in the email should entice recipients to click links to the full content that resides on your website or blog.

There is no best email marketing platform as the choice really depends on what you want to achieve.

Some platforms are very basic, while others provide features such as no-code editing, mobile optimisation, split-testing of subject lines/content, and automated email flows including transactional emails. Some marketing automation platforms also include email marketing within a broader suite of digital marketing tools.

Fortunately most email marketing platforms offer free trials and/or free, entry-level subscriptions so you can evaluate them against your list of requirements.

Three email platforms we use regularly are Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo and Dot Digital.

There are many ways in which you can improve the success of your email campaigns. Here are some considerations:

  1. Improve the quality of your email lists. If your list quality is poor, then your campaign performance will also be poor. How you intend to capture opt-in email addresses should be a core component of your communications strategy.
  2. Know your audience and what they want. To engage with your audience, you must develop and deliver content that offers them real value. 
  3. Segment and personalise. ‘One size fits all’ may deliver results initially, but audience segmentation and personalisation of content will take your email marketing to another level.
  4. Delivery frequency. Sending email campaigns on a frequent basis sets your audiences’ expectation and develops their awareness of your brand, your products/services, and your expertise. Decide how often you will send emails and then stick to that schedule as best you can. 
  5. Consider email automation. For ecommerce businesses and B2B, email automation can deliver targeted, personalised and timely emails to your customers and prospects that will help to grow sales.
  6. Test, test and test! Split-test as much as you can including subject lines, email content and web content. Most email platforms will provide comparative performance reports on any split-test that you run.

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