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Ask any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert what they do, and the answer is usually “Get my clients on page 1 of Google.” 

Succinct but, beneath that claim, there’s a lot of work by the SEO consultant and support from the client and the web developers – successful search optimisation is a team effort.

Getting on the first page of the search results for Google and Bing is the primary SEO objective, but for which search queries? Obvious ones may bring tons of visitors each month but it’s important to focus on the keyword themes that can deliver visitors who convert – whether those conversions are purchases or leads.

We’ve shaped our SEO services over the past 20-years to offer our clients something different to a typical SEO agency model: we take an holistic, consultancy-led view of each SEO campaign with a well-defined process that we know will achieve results.

We start by developing an SEO strategy tailored to the client, followed by an in-depth technical audit and discovery – identifying the best opportunities for your business and the measurable outcomes. We then move onto visitor analysis, SEO implementation and on-going performance analysis.

Our SEO approach is based on quality content with Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) in mind. It’s an approach we’ve continually refine to achieve the best results for our clients, whether they’re SMEs or larger international organisations.

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Our 6-Steps to SEO Success

We're relentless in our pursuit of page one rankings for our clients.



SEO Strategy

We work with you to understand your business, its objectives and challenges, your competitive landscape and search opportunities. Only then do we develop the SEO brief that will inform the other parts of our SEO process.


Technical SEO Audit

The technical audit is the essential foundation towards successful SEO of your website.

The audit uncovers any weaknesses in your website that would negatively impact your search rankings or even prevent search engines from crawling and indexing your content.

SEO Technical Audit
SEO Discovery


SEO Discovery

Discovery is a fascinating forensic approach to SEO. We look for content themes around search queries relevant to your business and how they could bring search visitors to your website.

It’s also where we get to look at your competitors’ SEO in depth – where are they succeeding and what opportunities have they missed where you could take the advantage.


Visitor Journey Audit

Growth in visitors from organic search is one cornerstone of good SEO; another is maximising the value they bring to your business.

The conversion audit reviews how best to track visitors and their engagement, what are the call-to-actions and conversion points, and how your SEO performance should be measured.

SEO Visitor Journey Audit
SEO Implementation


SEO Implementation

This is the stage of the SEO process where it all comes together.

Implementation includes on-site SEO, focussing on improving rankings for existing content and developing new content to attract valuable search queries identified during the discovery phase.

Implementation may also include content marketing to attract the all-important inbound links from authority websites.


SEO Analysis & Reporting

Because the search landscape is dynamic, SEO is never ‘set and forget’. Search behaviour changes, Google often updates  its algorithm and if your competitors are optimising their rankings, your rankings will naturally change over time. And new opportunities will arise too.

By using using multiple data-sources for analysis and daily monitoring of key metrics, we ensure your hard-earned rankings are stable, new opportunities are exploited, and your visitors from organic search continue to grow. 

SEO Reporting


Most frequently asked questions and answers about search engine optimisation.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation.

An SEO specialist looks at a wide range of factors that may impact a website’s search rankings. They understand that search engines, such as Google, and Bing, want to show results from authoritative, trusted sources that’s created by experts in a specific topic.

Search Engine Optimisation includes development of expert content (on-page) and 3rd-party link development (off-page) that can help boost a website’s authority and trust in the eyes of the search engines.

The result of this process is that SEO connects your business with people searching for products, services or information that are relevant to your business. Equally important for SEO is to focus on those groups of searchers who are most likely to become your customers i.e high commercial intent.

High rankings on search-engines are an important part of SEO, but those rankings must translate into some defined conversion, such as a lead or an online sale, to have any real value to your business.

EAT is and abreviation for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness which is thought to be central to Google’s search algorithm as way to evaluate content quality. 

EAT is referenced in Google’s ‘Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines‘. The audience for that document is Google’s (human) search-quality evaluation team. This is the team that is tasked with reviewing Google’s search results to ensure its algorithm is delivering the best possible results for a given search query. Because of this, SEO experts infer that EAT is an important factor towards achieving a high search-ranking.

Technical SEO is an in-depth audit that ensures your website is search engine ‘friendly’. It looks at a wide range of potential technical issues that may prevent search engines from crawling your content, indexing it and ranking it.

Technical SEO also looks at factors such as page speed and how that can be improved.

The short answer is yes. Google uses page speed as one of its 200+ ranking factors though it’s not currently that significant.

That will change in 2021 when Google Page Experience will become an increasingly important search ranking factor and one that builds on its Core Web Vitals.

However, arguably more important is that a slow page will result in a poor user experience, particularly on mobile, and can increase the bounce rate (single pageview then exit).

Page speed optimisation is about eliminating, optimising and deferring:
  • Eliminate anything that is not required for the page to function. This can include fonts, CSS, javascript, apps and WordPress plugins.
  • Optimise the filesize of your essential content including HTML, images, javascript, fonts, and CSS. Also use caching of dynamic and static files where possible.
  • Defer loading your essential content where possible. For example lazyload images that are below the fold, only load your chat javascript after the window has loaded etc.
A good starting point is to use Google’s PageSpeed Insights. There are lots of other more detailed tools your WebDev or SEO can use. But don’t get hung up on all the page speed metrics: the most important is how quickly your page loads so a user can see it and start interacting with it. Also bear in mind that the performance of your web-hosting set-up plays a big part in page speed.

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