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Klaviyo is a powerful marketing-automation platform that will help you drive eCommerce growth by delivering a personalised customer experience. It’s the evolution of traditional email marketing where one-size often fits all. 

With its close integration with leading eCommerce platforms – such as Shopify and WooCommerce –  Klaviyo helps online businesses utilise their customer data to drive sales growth.

From every order a customer makes, clicks they take, and products they’ve viewed, Klaviyo enables you to send them personalised, relevant and timely messages that will encourage them to take action. Best of all, it’s fully automated.

As a Klaviyo Partner we’ve helped many online businesses realise the power of Klaviyo. We’ve seen the impact our Klaviyo consulting service has made to their customer acquisition and customer lifetime value. We can do that for you too.

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Some of Our Klaviyo Clients

Here are a few examples of businesses that we've helped grow with our Klaviyo marketing automation

Our Approach to Klaviyo Marketing Automation

As a Klaviyo partner, our priority is to offer you the best return on your investment

Klaviyo marketing automation mapping


Mapping Visitors' Journeys

A successful Klaviyo implementation always starts with mapping the  journeys your prospects will take to becoming your loyal customers. Then we align those journeys with your messages, assets, and offers to maximise sales.

Once mapping is completed, we’ll create the personalised emails, SMS texts, banners, and Klaviyo automated flows that will drive your sales growth.


Personalised Emails & Flows

We’ll create beautiful emails with impactful imagery and engaging copy that’s perfect for your audience. And they’ll look as good on a mobile as they do on a tablet or a desktop PC.

Then we’ll introduce the magic of Klaviyo: personalised messages delivered with precision, perfect timing and fully automated.

Klaviyo marketing automation flows


Delivering Sales Growth

Klaviyo will do all the heavy lifting but your business is dynamic and the needs of your customers also change. You need to be responsive too.

As a Klaviyo Partner, our full-service management will ensure no stone is left unturned in our drive for your sales growth – from customer acquisition to increasing their lifetime value.

We can take the lead on new approaches, sales campaigns, split-testing for improved performance, and much more. We will ensure your Klaviyo automation is running smoothly and delivering the best possible results.

Klaviyo Automation FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers about Klaviyo marketing automation.

Klaviyo is a hosted, fully-automated marketing platform. It is widely used on Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) eCommerce sites to help generate sales, though it is also well-suited for B2B.

Klaviyo integrates with your eComm platform to capture events from your online shop. These events include customers’ orders, checkout started, products viewed, and many others. Klaviyo also provides powerful segmentation tools to slice and dice your customer and prospect lists based on their purchases and engagement with your online business.

With this data, you can use Klaviyo to send personalised, relevant and timely messages via email or SMS. These messages may be delivered as one-off campaigns or by using automated flows.

Klaviyo also supports data capture via forms and pop-ups for list building.

Some email providers only support sending of mass emails and maybe simple automation (email autoresponders).

Marketing automation, such as the Klaviyo platform, is particularly powerful for ecommerce: triggers and rules can be configured to drip-feed relevant and timely emails to your contacts based on properties about them (e.g what product they’ve bought or shown an interest in) or what they’ve done (e.g abandoned a checkout or not purchased for the past 3-months).

In summary, marketing automation, once configured, will drive ‘hands-free’ sales growth. Like a little ecommerce worker bee!

A Klaviyo Partner is a company committed to improving its knowledge and management of the Klaviyo marketing platform. Partners must manage multiple Klaviyo clients and exhibit their competency through measured metrics on each client account. Klaviyo Partners receive additional support, materials and early announcements on new features.

Blue Snapper has been a Klaviyo Partner since 2021.

Klaviyo integrates with the major eComm platforms, including:

  • BigCommerce
  • Magento 1
  • Magento 2
  • PrestaShop
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce

Klaviyo pricing is based on the number of contacts in your list and the number of emails and/or SMS you intend to send each month. Their paid plans start from $20 USD per month, with the high-end of their Enterprise plans around $2k USD per month; they also have a free plan. You can find Klaviyo’s up-to-date pricing here.

Yes, Klaviyo does have a free tier. The limitations are a maximum of 250 contacts, 500 emails per month, and Klaviyo branding is mandatory. The free tier includes 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits.

Yes. It has all the functionality you’d expect from traditional bulk email platforms.

A Klaviyo flow is an automated process that manages the sending of emails and texts to your contacts. These flows are controlled by logic you specify and triggered by events from your online shop, events tracked by Klaviyo, and properties of your contacts.

There are many that will help you grow your sales! However, the top-performing ones include:

  • Email subscriptions
  • Cart abandonment
  • Browse abandonment
  • Replenishment & Win-back

Yes. In addition to email, Klaviyo supports sending SMS/MMS messages.

It varies…some people pronounce it “CLAY-VEE-O” and others “KLAV-EE-O”. You choose!

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