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In these difficult times, Oxford businesses have stepped-up to keep food and drink on our tables. Time for me to step-up too.
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Times are tough for businesses. But many have risen to the challenge of the massive and rapid shift to online shopping during the pandemic.

That’s certainly true of Oxford businesses. Within weeks of the first lockdown, I saw local retailers flip their basic websites to full eCommerce, or make significant improvements to their online operations. That’s a considerable achievement. Some even offered nice touches with home deliveries via greener transport such as Pedal & Post.

A few local suppliers that have kept food and drink on my table come to mind: Jericho Coffee Traders, Bonners (Veg), the Oxford Cheese Company, Tap Social (Beer), The Cocktail Service, Milk & More1 and Riverford Organic Farmers1. Clearly this list is not exhaustive, merely an indication of my essential food groups.

Three great resources listing many other Oxford businesses available online are the Open Online directory (Oxford City Council), Independent Oxford and Bitten Oxford.

So how have my shopping habits been affected by local suppliers stepping-up? Well, it’s certainly stopped me continuing as a supermarket-zombie (no offence meant if you like the supermarket experience) and encouraged me to consider where my food comes from and who supplies it. And where once I would visit the supermarket almost daily (yes, poor planning), it’s now my last resort; I shall continue to shop locally whenever I can.

It also struck me that I can, and should, make an effort to help local businesses too, if they need it, so…

If you’re an Oxford business who needs any advice on marketing or selling online, I will happily give you one FREE 1-hour coaching session over Zoom. This offer is also available to UK-registered charities.

Your coaching session will focus on any immediate challenges you may have around eCommerce & digital marketing. I will aim to provide you with definitive answers to your questions and to guide you in the right direction.

If your business is based in Oxford UK, or you are a UK registered charity, and you’re interested in my coaching offer, you can find out more here.

1 While these are national companies, I include them as they are operated by local franchisees in Oxford.


Andy Dawson
Andy Dawson

MD of blue snapper; digital marketing & ecommerce consultant; musician

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