Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Consultant Oxford

What is SEO?

As an SEO consultant, I often hear it said that the objective of Search Engine Optimisation is to get your web pages ranking as high as possible on page 1 of the search engines, in particular, Google.

Sounds great and that’s part of what I will do for you, but ranking highly in isolation won’t necessarily bring you more business. The ultimate goal of SEO should be to provide growth in your online sales and/or leads.

That takes more than just high search rankings: you need to know where your visitors came from, why they arrived at your site and what they did (or didn’t do) once they arrive. Only then can you take action to get more of the types of visitors you want – the profitable ones – and convince more of them to buy!

Will SEO benefit my business?

Probably! Achieving a high ranking on Google for the most relevant & popular search queries will likely have a major impact on the number of visitors to your website and that can translate into significant gains in online revenue or sales leads.

That said, in a small number of instances, the cost of SEO may outweigh the potential benefits. If your business falls into this category, I’ll tell you after our initial discussion and summary review of your website.

What’s your approach to SEO?

Firstly, I only practise ethical SEO meaning that nothing will be done to your website that will be against the search engines T&Cs and so will not result in your website being penalised by them.

Secondly, your website visitors will be an important consideration when making any SEO changes. This is an essential distinction to ensure high ranking web pages will also convert your visitors into your customers.

And, finally, though I’ll be relentless in my pursuit of your search rankings, the real measure of great SEO is to see the month-by-month, year-by-year growth in your online sales or leads! This is what I do for all my clients. I get a buzz from it…

How will you measure SEO performance?

I’m results driven so anything I do for you will be measured and analysed to provide actionable insight. In this way I can continue to deliver sustainable growth in your online sales.

I’ll provide  a frequent and comprehensive ranking report that shows your website’s improvement in search rankings. This will also track the rankings of your online competitors for the search terms you’re targeting.

More importantly, I’ll use your web analytics to report on the increase in search visitors to your website and the revenue or leads generated from both your brand and non-brand search queries.

Do you have any SEO Success Stories?

Lots. A few I can publicize – Fearing International, ResMed and Forest Garden – others, including well-known brands where I’ve been sub-contracted as an SEO consultant by other agencies, I’d be happy to discuss with you privately. Either request contact or call me on +44(0)1865 242089.