Paid Search Advertising

Google Adwords Consultant Oxford

What is Paid Search, Google AdWords or PPC?

Paid search advertising is a catch-all for the adverts you see in some of the results when you do a search on, say, Google. Usually the top three results plus the results down the right-hand side of the page are paid adverts.

There is also the opportunity to increase the reach of your paid-search advertising to other independent sites within the search provider’s network. Google AdWords is probably one of the best known services though Bing and others offer similar.

Paid search adverts maybe simple text, images or other media. When a search visitor clicks on these adverts, the advertiser typically pays a fee to the search engine provider. This is why this form of advertising is also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC.

The relevance between the user’s search query, the advert it triggers and the landing page (to which the user clicks-through) are all critical to the success of a paid search campaign.

As a paid search and Google AdWords Consultant, it’s my job to ensure search queries, adverts and landing pages work together to bring you the best visitors and convince them to buy or register their interest in your products and/or services.

Will paid search benefit my business?

Very likely if the paid search campaign is managed well and is used to complement search engine optimisation of your website.

Paid search can either be a blunt instrument or a precision tool depending on whether it’s managed effectively. These days, paid-search platforms, such as Google AdWords, are incredibly flexible but that can make it overly complicated for the inexperienced or infrequent user.

If your paid search campaign is poorly managed there’s a high risk that the Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS) spend will be poor or, worse still, you’ll run your campaign at a net loss.

Managed well, paid search can be very effective: it can drive business from a wide range of search queries even while using SEO to drive visitors from organic search. Paid search is also very useful for promoting special offers that are time-limited such as events or clearance sales.

What’s your approach to Paid Search?

Simply this: achieving the highest possible sales and return-on-advertising spend for your company while at the same time complementing any SEO activities. For my clients I’ve achieved a return-on-advertising spend of over 1,000%!

To achieve this return requires frequent optimisation. Paid search is a dynamic supply and demand process: a real-time auction between advertisers vying to show their adverts in response to specific search queries. It’s an ever-changing landscape.

How will you measure the performance of our Paid Search campaigns?

I’ll track many metrics to ensure I optimise your paid search campaign effectively. However, the metrics that I will report to non-technical managers are total sales from paid search and the campaign’s Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS). In other words, I’ll tell you that for every £1 spent on paid search, you received £Y in online sales. My challenge then is to increase £Y…

Do you have any Paid Search success stories?

Yes. Fearing International, ResMed and Forest Garden are a few examples I can publicize. For more information on my paid-search clients and my work as a Google AdWords Consultant, either request contact or call me on +44(0)1865 242089. I’m happy to carry out a free review of your current Google AdWords account or advise you on setting up a new one.