Finally! A Trash Can for Google Analytics


One of the major shortcomings of Google Analytics (GA) has always been the lack of data security. All that fantastic website and visitor data you’ve accrued over many years had the potential to just disappear…not through any malicious intent, just human error: a GA user with edit permissions accidentally or incorrectly deletes a view, property or the whole account! Once gone, you had no chance of recovery.

Finally, Google has introduced a new “Trash Can” feature to mitigate the risk of loss of data and/or GA settings. With Trash Can, you’ll now be able to recover any view, property or account that was deleted. However, this ability only lasts for 35-days from the date of deletion, after which time, you can wave goodbye to it forever. This is ample time though to recover from a mistake and if you don’t notice that something is missing within such a long period of time, you probably won’t miss it anyway.

The Google Analytics Trash Can will be rolling out to your account over the next few weeks though anything deleted from 27th January 2015 is protected and can be recovered when this feature is applied to your account.

When Trash Can does appear, you can find it by navigating to your Administration tab then selecting an account and the Trash Can will appear on the left-hand panel. Click that and select what you want to recover then click “Restore”.


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