Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consultant Oxford

What does a Social Media Consultant do?

There are more social networks than you can shake a stick at these days! High profile examples include Twitter, Facebook, Google+ YouTube and Pinterest.

New social media channels seem to appear on a daily basis and the choice can be overwhelming. Which network(s) and users you choose to engage with depends very much on your objectives, the type of content you wish to promote and the amount of time you have available.  It’s my role as a social media consultant to help you navigate the maze and create value from your social media campaigns.

Common to each social network is the ability for users to generate and share their own content, and the content of others, amongst their friends and followers. Users can also find like-minded people that share their interests.

Key Social media activities include setting objectives, identifying your target audience, attracting them and then engaging with them. Only by delivering a great mix of conversations, on-topic information and possibly competitions with just a smattering of sales pitch will your audience grow and be truly engaged.

Will Social Media benefit my business?

Social media is not appropriate for every business though you may feel there’s lots of pressure to use it!

Social media can be great way to reach and engage with your prospects and customers whether to develop your brand, boost sales or provide an additional customer service channel. To do so effectively takes planning, time and compelling content. This is where I can help.

What’s your approach to Social Media?

Firstly, I’ll find out what your objectives are and assess if social media will be able to help you achieve them. If so, I can help target the right audience and recommend innovative ways to attract and engage them.

I’ve even built my own social network from scratch where I’ve grown its membership mainly from other social media sites so I’ve put all of these principles into practise!

How will you measure the performance of our Social Media campaigns?

I’ll track many social metrics including the growth in audience and your social authority (as measured by independent 3rd party applications) plus the levels of audience engagement. Where appropriate, I’ll also track more sales-oriented metrics such as revenue derived from your social media channels.